the work i do falls into 3 general categories, with some overlap. FlasH designs are pre-drawn and ready to go, and we'll size and stencil the piece at the beginning of the session. Freehand pieces are drawn directly on your body with no stenciling. I generally tattoo each flash piece only once, but i'm open to doing variations of existing pieces. freehand pieces tend to be more on the abstract side, and can be drawn to fit your body in a way that flash pieces simply can't. Lastly, Custom pieces are designed ahead of time, based on your proposal for something that i'm interested in. Customs might be based on something I've done before on paper, or on previous tattoos i've done, or they could just be your own wild idea that you think would mesh well with my style. Most custom pieces involve some combination of stenciling and freehand. 
You can find more detailed information about my freehand process here.

My Studio
I work in a small, Private studio in an artists' space in Bushwick. I have one studiomate, but we always use the studio at different times. The only people who will be in the room for an appointment are me, the client, and up to one guest. It is not a large space, so I cannot easily accommodate multiple guests. There is one window, which is usually covered for privacy reasons. In terms of accessibility, the studio is in the lower level of the building, down one set of stairs. it's only five or so steps, but there is no wheelchair ramp or elevator access. I share the street address upon receipt of the deposit.

I take a $25 deposit to secure your appointment. I'll give you the payment information VIA Email once you've submitted your booking form. This deposit is nonrefundable, but can be credited to a future date if you cancel with at least 48 hours notice. The deposit does not count towards the cost of the tattoo.

my current rate is $75-$100 an hour, sliding scale. This means you decide what is affordable to you within that range. please don't abuse this system - i won't ask you to justify the rate you choose to pay, but please use your judgment. IF you can reasonably afford to pay a higher rate, doing so allows me to more easily accommodate those who cannot. 
i can also negotiate lower rates for self-harm scar coverups, coverups of tattoos by abusers or Large-scale pieces. Please Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions/concerns about affordability. 
I tend to do highly detailed pieces with a lot of linework, which takes a lot of time. You can expect most of my pieces to fall in the 2 to 4 hour range. the price range of a piece will be determined after we finish. However, I will never charge more than an agreed upon Budget Limit, even if the session takes longer than expected. Please include your budget in the Booking form, so that I can take that into account when planning your piece.
My minimum charge for a single session is $100. 
Please bring cash for the final payment.

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