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I work primarily from pre-drawn flash designs. you are welcome to pick flash ahead of time or choose in the studio (although I do encourage clients to pick out a few favorites before arriving). I'm generally happy to repeat a design as long at it feels different enough from the previous iterations in terms of placement. my flash gallery is the best place to view my available designs. Please check the flash gallery to make sure a design is available before requesting it.
 Flash can always be adjusted on the spot, e.g. by sketching in an extension, by removing a piece, or by reorienting certain elements. IF you are drawn to a particular design but don't know where to place it, or if you know the placement you want but aren't sure which designs would work best there, or if you just want to see the possibilities I'm excited about, be sure to take a look through my mock-up gallery.
Modular composition:
I don't to custom work in the traditional sense, but I am open to creating new designs for clients by combining and rearranging elements of my existing designs. THis approach is helpful for working with placement constraints (e.g. weaving closely between existing tattoos) that might make placing a flash design impractical. For projects like this, I'll ask for a few photos of the placement, so that I can tailor the design to it, as well as some references to existing flash pieces, so that I have an idea of the elements and motifs you're interested in.
by default my work is in black, but color can be applied to most designs. with the exception of monochrome (single-color) work, I do need to know ahead of time if a piece will be in color and what palette will be used, so that I can be prepare adequately and map out the different colors of the design. examples of how i would apply color to various designs can be found here. Color pieces do take more time than black.

My Studio
I work in a private studio in Beacon, New York, in a mixed-use building populated mostly by other artists and craftspeople. The space is about 500 square feet, with large windows and abundant natural light. It's on the ground floor, so the Windows will be covered for privacy. The building has a wheelchair-accessible entrance, which is very close to my studio. Beacon can be reached by train from NEw York city, via the metro-north from grand central. My studio is 20-30 minute walk from the station.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, I am requiring that my clients meet all the following criteria: fully vaccinated, boosted, and wearing a well-fitting n95 or kn95 mask for the duration of the appointment. A PCR test is appreciated by not required. Please reschedule if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID (or any other contagious illness). In general, I prefer not to have guests in the studio, but I can accommodate one guest if necessary for accessibility or emotional support reasons. Please let me know ahead of time if you are hoping to bring someone with you.

Consent and comfort
Consent is at the core of my practice. Tattoos are permanent works of body modification, and the process of receiving one is intimate and physically straining. As such, tattooing is rife with potential for harm. I am committed to creating the best possible experience for my clients, and to respecting their boundaries at every step along the way. This means asking for verbal consent throughout the process, and frequently checking in on my clients' wellbeing. It's also important for clients to be prepared to advocate for themselves and communicate openly about what they want and need.

Deposits and cancellations
I take a $100 deposit to secure your appointment. The deposit counts towards the cost of your tattoo and is non-refundable. however, if you reschedule with at least 72 hours' notice, your deposit can be credited to a future date. If you reschedule with at least 36 hours notice, half of your deposit can be credited to a future date. if you miss your appointment without giving any notice, You won't be able to book with me again.

Time and Money
my rate is $150-$200 per hour, sliding scale. This means you decide what is affordable to you within that range. i won't ask you to justify the rate you choose to pay, but please use your judgment. IF you can reasonably afford to pay a higher rate, doing so allows me to more easily accommodate those who cannot.
my average piece takes about 2-3 hours. I'm always happy to give time estimates for specific designs and placements. You can request a quote by email or instagram message, and I'll do my best to respond promptly. The exact price range of a piece will be determined after we finish, but I will never charge more than an agreed-upon Budget, even if the session takes longer than expected. Please include your budget in the Booking form, so I can take that into account as we plan your piece. Whenever possible, pieces expected to take 4 hours or more should be split into multiple sessions.
My minimum price for a single session is $300.
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